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The aim of The Seaweed Company is to be a leading player in the sector to get seaweed as an ingredient on the menu of farmers, consumers and companies in Morocco.

Who Are We?​

A Team of Full-service Reliable cultivation

With 10 years of experience in seaweed Cultivation services and supplies, our team of 30 experts are here to help you with all your seaweed products needs.

Raw Materials

Seaweed grows abundantly in worldwide cold-current oceans and there are numerous brown seaweeds which are the raw material for alginate. Use of this “marine biopolymer” is attracting increasing attention.
Among brown seaweeds, some fertile species can grow up to 60 meters in length at a rate of more than tens of centimeters per day and with a holdfast (root) of over 2 meters in diameter.

Spirulina and Carotene

Spirulina has a higher content of β-carotene, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin compared to most other natural source

Healthy Supplement

Rich in minerals and nutrients, kelp has been eaten for centuries, and today it is considered a healthy supplement to food. A number of New Zealand companies have begun making a range of edible and non-edible products that contain kelp (usually giant kelp). Shown here are soaps, some dried flakes known as kelp pepper and used as a condiment, and supplements (foreground).

How can we help you?​

The History of Seaweed Farming ?

Seaweed farming is a global industry that is carried out in at least 56 countries worldwide. It is estimated that by 2050, 0.1% of the ocean could be dedicated to producing seaweed — that would be a 15 times increase in the current seaweed production!

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